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For over 15 years, life and business coach, David Essel has helped people from Ft. Myers to Los Angeles achieve greater levels of success in all walks of life.

Ask yourself, would you like to finally:

  • Create a passionate and intimate relationship?

  • Find a career that you actually love?

  • Sculpt the sleek body you've always wanted?

  • Enjoy an exciting intimate life with your partner?

  • Produce an income that frees you from debt?

  • Deepen your spiritual path leading to a more peaceful life?

  • Plus much, much more?

For your convenience, David Essel's Ft. Myers office is located right here at Fitness On The Move. To learn more about David and his life and business coaching options visit his website or contact our front desk to book your first coaching session. Fitness On The Move is the first and only health and lifestyle facility with a life and business coach right on site.

You may request an appointment directly with David by calling
 or visit his website at

Check out David Essel's Extreme Mind and Body Makeover or visit our Success Stories page featuring Tracy Nemetz.


See What Our Clients Have to Say...

"The Mind and Body Makeover with David has truly changed every aspect of my existence. My body changed radically, my relationship with my husband and children is so much better, my connection to God is stronger...and I like me! David has helped me to realize my full potential! The impact of his lifestyle coaching work will continue throughout my life. His amazing passion of helping others create the life they have always dreamed of is an incredible blessing to all. David is a truly inspiring soul!" - Tracy Nemetz, Fort Myers, Florida

"I was at a serious plateau in my life's average income, average relationship, average happiness, which all led to unhappy and unfulfilling existence. At the recommendation of a friend, I signed up to work with David as my coach. I decided to go for it all with his five day/week bootcamp option. I had no idea what was about to happen. Within three months my life had totally changed! My income more than doubled, I finally put time into radically changing my body, and yes, even my relationship improved. David's program helped me to attain a totally new life!" Esther Angelino-Roff, New York, New York

"Working with you in just three short months has made tremendous impact in my life. Through your thought provoking questions, you allow me to find my own path. I highly recommend to anyone, who is ready to grow and more forward in their life, to work with you. All of their goals and dreams will be realized much faster. My decision to work with you was one of the most significant decisions of my life. I have experienced incredible happiness, joy, balance and internal peace. I look forward to continuing our work together and have enormous respect and appreciation for you and your work as a personal lifestyle coach. Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious!" Caroline Ravelo,  Fort Myers, Florida

"I would like to thank you David Essel. Because of you I lost 120 pounds! I'm proud and you are a true motivator for me!" Lucille Caron

"I can't begin to tell you how much of a true blessing you have been to me. You have a unique way of allowing people to come to their own understanding of what holds them back from true peace and love in their life. You are so inspiring, sharing your life so others will grow."  Carrie Pierce


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