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Massage Therapy

Massage, the manipulation of the tissues of the body is one of the mildest of all means used for the relief of bodily ailments. Used in conjunction with a routine workout regimen, massage not only reduces stress but helps keep the body in balance by removing toxins produced during exercise.

At Fitness On The Move, our licensed massage therapists have 35 years of combined experience. Our team will strive to provide you with a high quality massage that will:

  • Reduce chronic pain

  • Improve circulation/remove toxins

  • Increase blood supply and nutrients to the muscles

  • Relax muscle spasms/reduce tension

  • Reduce edema (swelling) in the body


Swedish – most widely known style for relaxation and uses varying pressures and a variety of kneading hands, rolling and percussive strokes.

Soft Tissue – more rehab oriented through manipulation and trigger points. Relieves spasms and helps retrain any muscle tissue that has been traumatized. Ice therapy often follows this treatment.

Reflexology – just for feet! Maipulation of the “relex” points in the feet.

Aromatherapy – any massage may be enhanced by adding wonderful herbs and essential oils to your service.


Each session is based on a 55 minute hour.

Please be prompt to allow ample time to consult with the therapist. As a professional courtesy, there will be no charge on services that are cancelled with more than six (6) hours notice.

Feeling comfortable and relaxed is a must during a massage. For this reason, running shorts, under garments, or a bathing suit may be worn should you feel the need.

Showers are available for massage clients before and after the service.


Fifteen Minutes (Chair Massage) $15
½ Hour $35
1 Hour $70
Aromatherapy $10 (Additional to any service)

• Fees subject to change without notice

For more information or to book your relaxing massage today, contact 561-1177.



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