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Diets do not work! That seems to be universally accepted. But why?

First of all you must completely change your eating behaviors in order to follow the diet as outlined. Most likely, there will be foods you will not care for. Youíll endure the deprivation to get quick results, and bam! At some point youíll no longer be able to live that way the rest of your life-so back you fall into old eating behaviors. The yo-yo diet syndrome continues.

Second, most diets come from a book, magazine, co-worker, or celebrity. No one is there to answer questions, offer support, or give encouragement. There is no professional in the field of nutrition or exercise to offer advice on the sensibility of the diet.

Relax! Fitness On The Move offers a weight management program that addresses all of these important issues. The program is based on the way you eat, not on how someone else likes to eat. Our lifestyle weight management program is run by Dr. Ginger Patterson, who has a degree in nutrition as well as a Ph.D. in psychology. She is a registered dietitian, a professor of nutrition at Florida Gulf Coast University, and lectures nationwide to fitness professionals.

Isnít it time you finally begin to understand foods and how they affect your body? Start combining proper nutrition and exercise today-it will make all the difference!


For more information, contact Dr. Ginger Patterson at 561-1177, x208


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