A Message from the Owner, Troy De Mond

Today consumers interested in joining a health club or fitness center literally have thousands of great clubs to choose from. From small privately owned clubs to large sports clubs, facilities offer a wide variety of innovative programs and state-of-the-art facilities all at a range of prices.

Reasons vary why we join clubs – interest in a specific sports, improving our overall health, to the ability to spend more time with the family. Whatever your reason, choose a club where you can have fun, feel comfortable, and get the assistance you deserve.

Before you join a club, consider your options:

  • Talk to a friend, coworker, or your physician about the club.

  • Check with the better business bureau for reliability reports on clubs you are considering.

  • Ask your employer if they have an established relationship with a fitness facility.

  • Look for convenience-hours of operation that meet your needs, plus close to work or home.

  • Visit the club when you most likely will use it on a regular basis. Are you comfortable with what you see, is it intimidating or over-crowded?

  • Is the staff friendly, educated, and professional?

  • Is the facility well maintained, clean, and have available parking?

  • Do the club’s programs meet your needs?

  • Does the club have emergency procedures in place

And most importantly…….

  • Will you be offered a short term membership with the ability to cancel?

  • Will the club “own” your membership agreement, or will they sell it to a third party?

  • And, do you have a cooling off period after signing a membership agreement (usually 3 to 10 days) at which time you may cancel the agreement without penalty.

At Fitness On The Move, I strongly believe our integrity and the relationships we form with our new members meets or exceeds all of the standards stated above. Welcome to your facility – where it feels so good to belong.

     Owner, Fitness On The Move

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